At Katy’s Campers we are very friendly and helpful

with a lot of travelling experience. If you have any questions, queries or worries contact us and we will be happy to help or to simply reassure you that camper vans really are AMAZING!! In the meantime these FAQ’s might answer any questions you might have…

Parking… we have secure gated parking for your car unless you are returning the van outside our hours. In this case there is plenty of space outside of the property but we do not accept any liability for your car or the contents.

1. What times do we pick up and drop off?

You can’t hurry a camper van. The key to a happy trip is leaving lots of time get about and get things done. This takes a bit of planning. It is important that you arrive on time so plan your journeys accordingly. Plan to leave enough time to pack up the van, check for traffic jams and leave plenty of time to travel back without pushing the van. Be aware that leaving a busy festival takes a long time. It may be wise to book an extra day’s hire to give yourself time to get back safely.

Pick up time is between 2pm and 4pm

It will take about half an hour to go through the contracts and show you how the van works. It is very important that you arrive no later than 4.00pm to leave enough time to do this.

Drop off time is between 10am and 12am

If you are late to return the van a charge of £100 will be made as this impacts subsequent hires and insurances. You will need to bring the van back with a full tank of petrol. If the tank is not full we will fill it on your behalf and you will be charged £3.00 per litre.

2. Can we pick up early and drop off later?

Yes you can, but this is subject to availability and incurs extra charge of £50 (either way). And we reserve the right to withdraw this facility if the van is booked out subsequently. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to pick up or drop off later so if you would like to make an early start or to return later we suggest you book an extra day’s hire so you are not disappointed.

3. What do you need to bring for the van hire?

We will need to take a copy of BOTH parts of your driver’s licence for our records. You will need to bring cash or a credit card for the security deposit. At the time of pick up we put an authorisation for £750 on your card and will cancel it upon safe return of the van, all its contents and with a full tank of fuel.

4. What is the deposit for?

We understand that holidays are exciting times and the last thing you want to think about is tip-toeing around the van  but in order to keep and maintain them in good order they need to be treated carefully. A deposit of £750 is taken to cover the cost of repairs or cleaning of the vans and all equipment, including awnings, and in the event of damage or unreasonable wear to the vans or equipment. Please read our Terms and Conditions very carefully as these have been written to protect both you and us. The deposit will be returned to you one week after the return of the van when a thorough check and inventory has been carried out.


In the event of damage to the van a £50 charge will be made, plus the cost of repairs.In the event of loss, breakage or damage to any of the equipment a £25 charge will be made, plus the cost of replacing the item. A charge of £30 for cleaning will be made if the van is returned in an particularly bad state.

5. Can we go abroad?

You can but you will need to consider the length of time you will be hiring, your distance and daily charges. You may be better off looking for hire companies in the country you wish to to explore. A good magazine with plenty of adverts is VW Camper and Bus which is available in most large newsagents and super markets.

6. What is in a VW Camper van?

Our vans are equipped with all the mod cons and comfort of your own home . They seat 5 or 4 all with seat belts suitable for any baby and child seat. They sleep 4 in two double beds.

The vans have the following…

  • Electric hook up and 4 plug sockets
  • Fridge with freezer compartment
  • Two ring gas hob and grill
  • King size rock and roll bed
  • Pop up roof with double roof bed
  • Large water container and electrically pumped sink
  • CD player with MP3 adaptor

7. What do we need to bring?

At Katy’s Campers our mission is to introduce you to the wonderful world of camper vans without you having to say ‘ooops, I forgot the…’, we hope we have thought of everything you need. We have a range of baby equipment to borrow at no extra cost to you. Please let us know what you need when you book. We also offer a large drive away awning (tent which attaches to the van) can also sleep 4. It is well worth taking with you as they are valuable storage and extra space. These are available for £50 per hire.

Here is a full list of stuff which is neatly and cleverly packed into your van:

  • Plates, side plates, bowls, mugs, beakers, knives, forks and spoons
  • Saucepans, frying pan and various cooking utensils
  • English breakfast tea bags, fresh ground coffee, sugar and salt and pepper
  • Outdoor table and camping chairs
  • Small tent for storing ‘stuff’
  • Picnic rug, cool bag, beach shelter and travel washing line and pegs
  • Loo roll, washing up liquid, scrubbies, tea towels and bin bags

8. Can I bring my bike/surf board/dog?

You can bring whatever you like (as long as it is legal and in line with our terms and conditions). Two of our vans have bikes racks so please ask when booking. Well behaved pets are welcome but they MUST be booked advance through the booking system. Surf boards can be carried on the roof rack.

9. How old must you be?

The price quoted is for drivers over 25 for Blanche and Henry and over 30 for Burt and Barry. And up to 75 with a minimum of three years experience and no more than six points on their licence.

10. Can we share the driving?

We would be very happy to add more drivers to the contract and this will incur an extra charge of between £25 and £45 per day. Self drive hire insurance has changed and has more than doubled in the last twelve months. The same limitations apply and must be arranged in advance as we are unable to arrange insurance with short notice. Please emails your requirements.

11. Are there any extras available?

We have a few extras available at a small cost but will make a big difference to your trip.

  • Chemical ‘porta potti. These are small chemical loos which can sit in the buddy seat or we give you a small tent to put them in. They are air tight and not smelly and can be very useful, especially when it is raining.
  • Icey-tek super duper cool box with ice blocks. These amazing boxes are ideal for keeping drinks chilled and food fresh as the stay cold for up to 10 days!!! Perfect for festivals and wild camping.
  • Large drive away awning
  • Sat Nav
  • Travel DVD player

12. What if we break down?

Our vans are new and meticulously maintained but we cannot give a 100% guarantee they will not breakdown. That is the nature of all vehicles. In the unlikely event you break down every van is covered by a fleet contract with the AA. They will try to fix the problem at the road side so you can continue with your holiday. If the van cannot be fixed at the road side, you will brought back to Bristol and provided with a different van, subject to availability. If no other vans available we will refund you for the remaining number of days left of your hire.

13. Where can we go and how fast?

Our vans are new Danbury VW T2’s. Just like the gorgeous, original T2 but with a modern, water cooled engines. The engine size is 1.4 litres and they are designed to pootle along at a leisurely pace. By accepting the terms and conditions you have agreed to travel at no faster than 55mph and you must plan your holiday accordingly. Make sure you pack up and leave your campsite with enough time to get back to Bristol without pushing the van too hard.




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